Discussion Guidelines

History 202 Online Discussion Guidelines Spring 2021

Dr. Payne

With both formats, remember that everyone in class can read what you post. We will be discussing some sensitive topics, so I expect civility. This is a history class, not a cable news show.

Moodle Forums

Our goal is to reflect on the content and seed discussion. For the Moodle Forum Posts, Your posting should be 100 plus words. I will not be counting words, but looking at the substance of your posts. In other words, if you have 90 words and made your point don’t fluff the post with additional words. Don’t just summarize the content but interact with it. Ask questions. Make points. Convince me that you read/listened/watched the material and have something to say about it.

Teams Discussion

We’ll be using Teams to facility class discussion, this includes when you in person and when you are remote. Consider the following when posting:

· Is your post relevant to the topic?

· Are you interacting with a classmate?

· Is there something you want to share with the class? Is the information accurate?

· Does your offer some insight into the topic?

· Have you added to the academic atmosphere of this course?

This is an app, so it is perfectly okay to use an emoji.