Explanatory Footnotes

Explaining History in an Changing World

Explanatory Footnotes is our exploration of the changing world of history and history education. 

Over on Substack you will find a podcast and essay series by myself and Dr. Gabriel Swarts where explore topics and trends in teaching focusing on the intersection of the humanities and technology.

Season One:

For the first season issues around the classroom. Think of this episode as the table on contents. We may occasionally go on a tangent.

Episode 1: Context of Teaching and Introducing Ourselves

Episode 2: Who are our students?

Episode 3: Content, Teaching and the Digital Age

Episode 4: Designing Assignments

Episode 5: The Technology Gap: AI and Information Literacy

We are also working on a book, with Penny Messinger, of the same name on the history wars that will server as an educators and citizen's guide to understanding the history wars. We are examining the uses and abuses of history for political purposes, how the evolving educational system and classroom impacts the history wars, and the role of the internet as an accelerant.